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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Adopt these home tips for cracked heels

Home remedy for cracked heels :-- If foot care is not done properly then the feet get torn apart. Feet cut due to bare foot or lack of blood.
If you do not pay attention to cleaning the feet, your feet get damaged and cracks come in them.
Many times they have blood in them. Today we are going to tell you some domestic tips for fat feet, which you can use to take care of your feet.

Follow it Desi tips for cracked heels:-- 

1) After breaking the mangoes soft and fresh leaves on the eruption of the plants, put the material out of it on the wounds. Doing so will get relief very quickly and the cracks get better.
2) Dip  the thriphalla churnan into the oil and fry it like ointment. While sleeping at night, put this paste on the
fur feet. Applying this paste for a few days will make the cracks dry and the feet will be smooth.
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3) Clean the feet carefully before going to bed. Afterwards add boric powder in the raw ghee and fill it in the cracks. After that, sleep with socks By doing this for 3-4 days, the cracks will get better.

4) Take Amchoor oil 50 grams,
  • wax 20 grams,
  • Satyanshi sowing seeds powder 10 grams and
  • 20 grams.
  • Put them all together in a jar. While sleeping at night, wash the feet thoroughly and apply this paste and clean the socks.
5) Mixing the Rhinoceros cheeks of the leaves in the Vaseline gives them peace.
6) By making raw onion powder, you can also get some relief from the ointment.
7) When the spleen splits, the bare feet should be avoided on the ground and should not be kept long in the water.

8) Mix desi ghee and salt and apply rattan to the heels. Doing so will make them better and the skin of the feet will be smooth.
9) Dry papaya peel and grind it. Glycerine mixed with this churn, it is very easy to get rid of twice as many cracks in the day.
10) When washing bleed out of the stomach, washing them with warm water in the night and stopping kosa wax will stop bleeding and the ribs get better.
11) Washing the feet with hot water and putting oil in it, the cracks are adjusted completely.

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