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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Amazing health benefits of Okra | Lady Finger

Amazing health benefits of Okra | Lady Finger Usually ::-

 everyone likes to eat okra.  It is delicious as well as health as well as it is delicious. Okra has a variety of nutritional elements that keep the body away from many ailments. 

Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of the body by eating a daily okra.

  Increase the ability to fight diseases
 Vitamin K is present in okra, due to which eating it creates the ability to fight body diseases. 
Due to the amount of Vitamin C in the body, it prevents seasonal allergic reactions.
Amazing health benefits of Okra |Lady Finger

Okra, also called as the Lady Finger and also called as bindi most conventional outputs of one’s kitchen garden. 

it definitely does its bit by providing a range of health benefits.

 Okra is a perennial vegetable and is found a in almost all regions around the world.
It, however, requires a warm and temperate climate for the cultivation.

  Boost red blood cell

Okra boosts the red blood cells production of the human body which is vital to battle anemia.
The vitamins A and C along with elements such as Magnesium assist in the process

 Avoid diabetes

Helps control diabetes:  Okra is packed with dietary fibre that helps stabilisation of blood sugar levels by regulation of the rate of absorption of sugar from the digestive tract.

The anti-diabetic property of okra is also attributed to its ability of inhibition of enzymes metabolising carbohydrates, enhancement of production of insulin, regeneration of beta cell of the pancreas and increased secretion of insulin 
How to use it for diabetes control 
 Bhindi is very useful in diabetes treatment.  Fiber is present in abundance in this. 
  • Take two fractions for diabetes treatment. 
  • Cut both sides of Bhindi and keep it in a glass of water for a whole night. 
  • Get up and drink this water in the morning. 
  • This water will increase the amount of fiber in the body and blood pressure will remain in control.
 Beneficial for eyes

 Vitamin A and beta-carotene increase eyesight. In Bhindi this is both rich in amounts. 
 Weight loss
 The quantity of calories in Bhindi is very low and fiber is high, due to which it gives full energy to the body and not only increases the weight by eating it.
People who aspire to lose weight can eat lady’s finger to facilitate weight loss.
This  vegetable is an extremely low in calories, with a 100g serving containing just 33 calories.
Here are some other foods that can help you lose weight.
 Relief from constipation
 If you are suffering from constipation, add okra in your diet.  Fiber present in it helps in cleansing the stomach every morning.
 Useful in pregnancy
 Pregnant women should eat okra.  Falic acid present in it is essential for the development of the fetus.
Women who are pregnant will benefit from the consumption of lady’s finger as it contains Vitamin B9 or folic acid which can help prevent neurological birth defects in their newborn.

Diarrhea drains an out substantial amount of water and minerals from the body.
In few cases, okra juice can come handy which replenishes the requirements of the body along with the supply of additional nutrients
 The dietary fibers present in okra can put a check in the cholesterol levels in the body.
A regular intake ensures a healthy cholesterol levels and a shield for the heart



prevents heart disease: 

People are often affected with heart disease due to high levels of cholesterol in their blood.
Protein, a soluble fibre present in lady’s finger helps lower this cholesterol and thus is helpful in preventing heart disease.

Okra is also very rich in antioxidant compounds like polyphenols.
These compounds, especially quercetin, helps prevent oxidation of cholesterol and blocking of arteries, preventing heart disease development


 A smoother digestive tract is the one of many benefits of okra intake.
The same soluble fibers also help to prevent constipation by smoothing up the bowel movement

recovers your immunity system:
Lady’s finger is rich in vitamin C with a 100g serving meeting approximately 38% of your daily requirement of the nutrient.

Vitamin C is also a vital nutrient that helps improves your immunity and protects you from several diseases and infections.

you may also eat orange and amla to boost your vitamin C intake as both of them are extremely rich sources of the nutrient.
Asthma relief
 Relief for asthma patients, okra juice declines the chances of asthma attacks.
It is a natural bone builder, Folate, present in okra juice increases the bone density.

It does its bit for both the mother and the fetus during pregnancy and prevents the chances of osteoporosis in the newborn.

Improves your mental function:
Folate or Vitamin B9 is another critical nutrient present in lady’s finger.
This  fiber nutrient is required by your brain to function properly as it aids in the production of several important compounds.
It prevents cancer:
According to a research published in Nutrition Journal, lady’s finger has a higher concentration of antioxidants than most vegetables.
These antioxidants prevent damage to your cells from free radicals, and inhibit the growth of cancer cells in your body.
  Additionally, it contains some amount of insoluble fibre which promotes a healthy digestive tract and lowers your risk of colorectal cancer.
Pectin present in the vegetable has been shown to prevent proliferation of melanoma cells in vitro 
Okra juice health benefits
Okra is commonly known as lady finger. Okra is cooked as one of the most common household vegetables and is loaded with a number of health benefits.
You must have tried okra dishes of different varieties but have you ever tried okra juice?
Yes, as unappetizing as it may sound, it has more nutritional value than its cooked form.
many people are not aware of its nutritional value but okra juice is the best option,
if any day you are opting for a healthy lifestyle; it can contribute to health regimen by becoming a great diet supplement.
Let’s read further to know all the health benefits of drinking okra juice.
It can cure anemia
What is anemia?
Anemia is actually a condition where the sufferer is facing deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood that results in paleness and fatigue.
Now, okra here helps the body to produce more red blood cells and that in turn, helps to treat anemia. Okra juice is rich in vitamin C, magnesium and vitamin A and that adds health benefits of okra juice and helps the body to produce more red blood cells in the body.
It can heal sore throat and cough
If you are suffering from severe cough and sore throat, okra juice might help as it contains antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Yes, amongst many health benefits of okra juice, the antibacterial and antiseptic properties are an additional benefit.

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