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Saturday, 13 July 2019

To avoid dehydration in the heat, include these 9 things, also know these Expert Tips

To avoid dehydration in the heat, include these 9 things, also know these Expert Tips ::-  In this hot weather, the problem of dehydration can take someone into its grip.
Dehrdration tips
It is necessary to keep drinking water from time to time, it is necessary to consume many fruits and vegetables rich in abundance of water. 
  To be healthy, it is very important that you do not have any water shortage, because of this you can become a victim of dehydration.

To overcome the lack of water in the body it is not necessary that you drink only water throughout the day, by including certain things in your diet, you can save yourself from the problem of dehydration and also nourish the body. 

⇒  signs of dehydration ::-
 To avoid dehydration in the heat, include these 9 things, also know these Expert Tips[/caption]

⇒ Today we discuss  dehyration tips 

⇒  Water in the glass not only in the plate ::-
  According to Dr. Aditi Sharma, a dietician from Colombia Asia Hospital, often your body lacks water during the summer season. The reason for this is due to excessive sweating due to high heat.
⇒ Due to lack of water in the body
,you feel lethargy and weakness. Generally it is believed that by drinking 10-12 glasses of water throughout the day, you can survive dehydration, but you can not depend on water for providing nutrition and enough fluid in your body. You can also keep yourself hydrated by keeping things in the juice and plate.
♦  cucumber benefits ::- 
 Cucumber is amazing
  Use the cucumber in your diet for the abundance of water in your body during the summer season.
By not eating it will make your skin shine, but you will also survive from the sun.
Cucumber has 95 percent water. You get plenty of water by consuming it. The inflammatory elements present in it play an important role in exposing toxic substances from your body.
This will save you from skin related problems, you will also be left with the effect of age on face. Are you facing wrinkle problem?check these home remedies
♦  cauliflower ::- 
 Do not understand flower cabbage less
  You will be surprised to know that there is 92 percent water in flower cabbage. By mixing it in your diet, you can cure your body of water.
This vitamin C is a great source of vitamins as well as mineral salts. By making this part of your diet, you can greatly reduce the risk of cholesterol and cancer.
♦  watermelon benefits ::Watermelon with water
  With this intake you can keep yourself hydrated and stay away from the sun.
Watermelon contains water up to 90 percent. By consuming it you can save yourself from Lu. In it, the element called lysopnee protects the cells from ultraviolet rays of the sun.
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⇒  Strawberries full of taste and nutrition ::-
  By consuming sour-sweet-sour strawberries, you can naturally complete the lack of sweet in your diet.
Taste and health-rich strawberries contain up to 91 percent of the water. It also helps in reducing the effect of flavonids in the body. In your diet, you can also include litchi, juice, etc.
  ⇒ Healthy Tortoise ::-
  Must include the troupe in your diet during the summer season. Like cucumber and watermelon, there is abundance of water in it too. Tori has 95 percent water and in abundance the antioxidant.
⇔  Grapes are beneficial ::-
  There is 91 percent water in grapes. This lush and citrus fruits are full of antioxidants, which prove to help hydrate your body. By adding grapes to your breakfast, you can complete most of the day's need for liquid.
⇔   Will complete water shortage::-
  Dehydration occurs due to lack of potassium in the body. To complete this deficiency, add bananas regularly to your diet, as there is abundance of potassium in it.
By eating two to three bananas throughout the day, you can complete the lack of potassium.
♦  Make Proximity to Coconut Water ::-
  When you have a complaint of dehydration, the level of potassium and sodium decreases in your body.
To complete this shortage, drink coconut water two to three times a day.
By providing nutrition to the body, it is necessary to meet the needs of mineral salts.
Shimla Mirchi is effective ::-
  It contains 93 percent water. By making this part of your diet, you can cure your body of water.
There is abundance of water in every variety of capsicum. It is also rich in antioxidant elements.
Include them also in the diet ::- 
  - To curb the level of water in the body during the summer season and to protect yourself from the sun, add yogurt to your diet. You can use yogurt, raita, buttermilk, lassi in any form.
To make it more beneficial, use black salt, roasted cumin seeds and mint leaves.
⇒  - Mango is not only helpful in curing your body in water but also protects it from sunlight.
⇒ - Include juicy fruits like watermelon, melon, mango, grapes etc. in your diet.
Make green leafy vegetables such as spinach, salad leaf, cucumber, cucumber, pomegranate, gourd, lady finger,lady finger, broccoli, cauliflower etc. as part of your diet.

⇒ Drink 10-12 glasses of water in the day. It is not necessary that you drink only plain water, drink coconut water, lemon water, chinki etc.

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