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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Benefits of red pepper for health or skin

Benefits of red pepper for health or skin ::- The red pepper used in the food is full of many qualities. As soon as the name of red pepper is pronounced, mouth acidity comes.
Although it is sharp in food but without food, it does not taste food. Did you know that with relish, it also brings health benefits to many. There are many useful ingredients found in red pepper, with which the body's metabolism is fast and does not cause excess fat. Its use helps in weight loss. Let us know about its health benefits.

⇒  Benefits of red pepper for health or skin :-- 
♦ Useful for eyes
If there is pain in the eyes or due to some reason the eyes become red, add some water to the red pepper powder and make paste. If you have pain on the left eye then apply it on the right-hand thumb. The eye will be adjusted after 2 hours after planting it.

Red pepper is beneficial for hairs :-
Red pepper is also useful for hair
If you are worried about hair loss, eat red pepper in the food. This improves blood circulation and helps in increasing hair.
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Cancer prevention ::- 
Red pepper contains the element called capesin, which is highly beneficial in prevention of cancer. Capesin eliminates the cancerous cells in the lungs.

Allergic to far :-- 

Any kind of allergic reaction on the body, such as pain or issue, add mustard oil in a red chili powder and scrub it when it gets hot.

After this, put it on a rash or allergic spot.

Use red pepper to do the injury :--

If there is an injury on the bone, mix the red chilli powder 125 grams, mustard oil 375 grams, and boil them after boiling and apply on the injury after being cold.

Fever relief ::- 

Red pepper is also very useful in fever. Piece in a small amount of water with neem leaves, red pepper powder and seeds and black pepper in equal proportions.
Dry it in small quantities by making small tablets.
Taking it with empty stomach in the morning every morning, troubles like fever and skin allergies are dispelled.

Away from blood ::-

Falcic acid is rich in red pepper. Its consumption can reduce blood loss.

Stomach gas relief ::- 
Dietary activity is better with consuming red pepper and also provides relief from stomach gas.

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