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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Causes ,symptoms and treatment of malaria

Causes ,symptoms and treatment of malaria  :--A malaria disease that is not treated in a timely way, it can be dangerous.  Malaria is a cold and headache, feverish fever in which the fever recedes, sometimes goes up.

 Causes ,symptoms and treatment of malaria 
Causes malaria || symptoms of malaria || dignostic test for malaria || how mosquitos make you sick|| reasons for malaria ||
A malaria disease that is not treated in a timely way, it can be dangerous.  Malaria is a cold and headache, feverish fever in which the fever recedes, sometimes goes up.
Causes,symptoms,treatment of malaria
In extreme cases, it can also cause death.  Malaria is caused by parasites known as plasmodium.
  It is due to the female anchorage called the mosquito larvae.
 World Malaria Day (ROC) Day is celebrated on April 5 of every year.  Malaria in India can give any time during the year but it is spread over the summer and rainy days.  Rainy days increase in the number of mosquitoes in two days.
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According to the survey, India accounts for 77 percent of the total number of malaria deposits in Southeast Asia.  It is of interest Rajasthan, Karnataka, Orissa, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Goa and Madhya Pradesh are higher than other states.

Symptoms of malaria : When a person cuts an acholytic mosquito, it can develop for seven days after cutting.

In this case, when a person is affected by this, common symptoms of malaria include fever, headache, vomiting, up to four to eight hours of chronic fever, fatigue, body pain etc.
If these symptoms are not confirmed by Malaria during periods of time, then it can be a risk to any patient.

Causes or Reason: Parasitic Malaria is related to Plasmodium jeans that are P Walsiporum, P. Maleri, P Owel, P. Wax, which is caused by the detection of a particular type of female mosquito online or by removing the person affected by malaria.  May be with a mosquito.

How does mosquitosis make you sick:
Even though this mosquito lasts from morning till evening, there is a high probability of cutting it at night.
Half of the mosquito salve with a slice of female mosquito
Prod Parasite The special part of mosquito bodily is called the thesis The circulatory system is the result of the exposure to the matured cells Prod Parasite goes into the nerves (circulatory system) of the specialty of the mosquito's body.
 When this parasite becomes exposed in the blood, access to the liver cell is regrouped on the growth.  Prior to attacking human blood cells, this infection spreads through the liver, where many multiplication occurs in the blood.
 Then special conditions arise in the infected blood for some time.  This special condition usually occurs between 48 to 72 hours in the infected blood.
  Whenever this happens, a person may have fever, sweating, headache or vomiting.
  Check for time immemorial: Jai: If there are any symptoms of the above, then there is an immunodegradual test for malaria confirmation.
 It is also known as the Malaria Rapid Diagnostic Test.  The person's finger drip is done to Leo da Diya.  This SA Dr. Dt. Department of Finance
Also called.  It is done with a blood drop from the human finger.  Multipurpose Health Worker (Mail) deployed by the salaried health department in your area.  They can be prepared and even made available at every center of the health department.  Blood tests show that it has viral or pancreatic malaria.
Salvage: Take care of standing water in the summer season because the malaria-spreading mosquito spreads from the standing water.
 Deal with the water wherever it is in excess.  Avoid waste water from waste stewards.  Make sure to clean weekly.  Taps, do not let the water stand under the tanks, and scrub it in such a place.
  In the ponds Mathujia Mabusia) Leave the fish, these fish eat mosquito larvae.  Use Achilles.  In the summer dressed in a garment cloth covering the whole body.  Use mosquito repellent oils, cream.  Spray pesticides.

Use Fake In The Home  Spray the black or kerosene in the vicinity of the surroundings. For picnics, panchayats, social worker clubs and other organizations can have fogging.  Malaria is a disease that can be avoided by being cautious.

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