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Saturday, 13 July 2019

cucumber benefits for skin and eyes

cucumber benefits for skin and eyes ::-Using cucumber filled with low fat and calorie can save you from many ailments. Cucumber is considered to be a great source of water.

It contains 96 percent water. In cucumber, vitamin A, B6, potassium, phosphorus, is found in rich amounts. A leprosy used as a salad that helps in preserving protein.

Cucumber benefits for eyes and skin ::-

⇒ Improve stomach burning ,chest pain  :-- Cucumber has proven to work on improving the stomach burning, chest pain. By eating cucumber, you get health benefits of a variety of benefits that you will never hear about.

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⇒ Reduce the risk of cancer :-Using cucumber daily reduces the risk of cancer. Cucumber contains facts like psychoacoloricarbonol, laricrisanol, and cure. These facts prove to be effective in preventing all types of cancer.

⇒ Blessings for eyes ::-
After most facepacches are used, you can cut the cucumber and keep it on the eyelids to avoid burning in the eyes.

This gives the eyes cooling. It is not necessary that you use cucumber only after wearing a facepack. Whenever there is burning sensation in the eyes.
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⇒ You can use cucumberHair care ::- is on the skin
Cucumber is helpful in increasing hair. For better results, you can take cucumber juice regularly with a carrot and spinach juice and take it daily.

In addition, it also prevents Sunburn.
⇒ Reduce sweling under eyes :-- Cucumber also removes the swelling under the eyes. The mucus used for the face mask brings fumes to the mouth.
⇒ Useful for blood circulation ::-
Cucumber should be used for proper blood transfusion. Reduces the level of cholesterol. This can be done to protect against heart disease. Cucumber contains fiber, potassium and magnesium, which plays a key role in keeping control blood pressure better. Cure burns high and low blood pressure as a medicine to keep the level.

⇒ Helpful in reducing weight ::-
Cucumber has less water and calories less, so it is considered to be the best source for weight loss. The use of cucumber is very useful for people who want to lose weight.
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Whenever you feel hunger, use cucumber. Cucumber contains fiber, which proves to be helpful in cooking food.
Far away from the diseases of the gums

⇒ Reduce gum diseases ::-
By eating cough, diseases of the gums decrease. Place a piece of cucumber on the upper part of the tongue for half a minute. That smell of your mouth will end.

To get rid of body diseases is far away
Cucumber combines strength. Drinking juice of carrots and cucumber juice helps in getting relief from arthritis and left diseases. Cucumber  also reduces the level of uric acid.

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