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Saturday, 13 July 2019

Home remedies for constipation

Home remedy for constipation :-In the morning, if the stomach is not cleansed properly, the whole day is filled with stomach. Neither does it have the heart to eat nor does it. So let us know about remedies for constipation ....

Constipation ||home remedy for constipation || reasons|| treatment || effects on body ||

When the digestive system does not work properly and there is difficulty or pressure to bowel movements, then that condition is called constipation. Ayurveda calls it a controversy.
In constipation conditions, the stool is dry, dry and often odorless. In addition, there is pain in the stomach during defecation.

- Do not consume enough fiber in the food.
- Eating excessively greasy or fat-rich foods.
- Consume insufficient amounts of water and liquids.
- Do not exercise regularly.
- Excessive use of painkillers.
- Having suffered from disease for several days
- Constipation problem also arises from the disease of the intestine. Whatever the reason for constipation, if you suffer from it, it has adverse effects on your body and mind.
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⇒ Physical effect:--

Physical effect

Due to constipation the digestive system worsens. Apart from this, problems like headache, becoming a gas, gas in the stomach, loss of appetite, feeling weakness and ghee etc. are generated.
Likewise, acne, facial scarring, feeling after the defecation, as if it were not clear.
Feeling heaviness in the stomach and twisting Apart from this, the color of the tongue is white or dull, mouth odor, waist pain, frequent bleeding in the mouth, etc. are also the common physical symptoms of constipation. More emphasis on defecation can also lead to serious illness like hernia.

Psychic effects ::- Constipation sufferers often do not get lazy, sleepy or sleepy enough. Depression, unnecessary anxiety, despair, lack of any kind of work, lack of appetite, etc. appear.

Modern research has shown that hormones called serotonin keep our mind happy. Due to constipation, its secretion decreases.

As a result, the mind seems to be sadly depressed. If this problem persists for a long time, then problems like anxiety, stress, depression and high blood pressure start again.

Treatment for constipation ::-1. Take balanced meals and include fibrous diet in it. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and many grains are good sources of fiber diet.

2. eating 10 to 12 peanuts before eating and sleeping, there is relief in constipation.
3. After consuming raisins or figs for some time after consuming it, it also removes constipation problem.
4. Drink perfume of turmeric or triphala with kumkuna water every night, it is beneficial in constipation.
5. Regular exercise and yoga practice are beneficial.
Every person is very upset about the constipation today, from which people use various types of medicines to get rid of it, but sometimes there is no relief from constipation. Today we are going to tell you some of the homework tips that you can use to control your abdominal and other diseases.
Home remedy for constipation  :-- Drink daily, water, day after day
First of all, drink a glass of 2 glasses of water every morning in the morning. In addition, drink two glasses of water 1 hour before bedtime every night.
Consume pure air because it is extremely important for your gestures and to avoid refined oil. Never use cottage cheese such as fine flour and flour, potatoes, peas, fast-food, heavy meals, junk food.
Doing this will improve your digestion and with constipation you will always get rid of many stomach diseases.

Mix these ingredients together in the crushed oil and mix them together for treat your constipatioh problem
1) Arundi oil according to need
2) Harad-250 gms. Let me tell here that Harad is an Ayurvedic medicine.
It is one of the three fruits found in Triphala. By eating sticks, many body parts block away (blockage) and by cleaning the stomach it keeps digestion.
This medicine is found in three areas of India - Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal and Assam. Harad cultivation is done in these areas.
Ayurvedic doctor and physicist Dr. H. Huffinson, Institute for Training, Research and Practice, Mumbai. S. Palap says that turmeric is used in Ayurveda due to its anti-inflammatory, analgesic and anti-biotic properties.
Sharad can also be eaten with amla candy.
3) Churn of parsley - 20 grams
4) Churn of fenugreek-20 grams
5) Surda churn - 20 grams

Learn How to Build :-- 
First of all, wash the aridas in arthritic oil.
After this, roast the roasted aroma
and put 20 grams of Azvain powder,
20 grams of fenugreek seeds
and 20 grams of sud,
and mix it in a glass vessel.
Do this like :--
Before going to sleep at night, consuming 1 teaspoon of this mixture with dumpling water will result in you getting results in 2-3 days.
If you consume it for 3-4 months, your digestive system will improve at all and your born womb will completely clean you from many diseases.

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