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Saturday, 13 July 2019

It's time to expose the fallesness of these 5 myths related to eyesight

It's time to expose the fallesness of these 5 myths related to eyesight:-  Whether eating carrots or watching television, many tips are passed on to us by our parents .

or grandparents to ensure the safety of our eyes. But not all are true and must be believed.
It is important to demystify myths, especially if it is your Eyesight. This will help you take good care of your eyes and this is the first step to protect your vision for life.

Here are 5 common eyesight-related myths that you need to eliminate:

 Myth 1: Reading in a dim light will affect your vision
  Truth: Your eyes get very tired when you read in low light, but it does not affect your eyesight. You just need to make sure the focal length of your reading light is directly on the page, not on your shoulder. When the light comes from behind your back, it creates glare and makes reading difficult.

  Myth 2: Take carrots to improve your sight.

  Truth: It is true that carrots are good for the eyes because they are filled with vitamin A, but green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits are preferable. They are a rich source of vitamins and other essential nutrients that can protect your eyes from problems such as cataracts. However, they can not prevent or repair vision problems.

  Myth 3: Do not wear glasses or contact lenses all the time.

  Truth: If your ophthalmologist has prescribed glasses for reading, use them. Reading without glasses will put a lot of pressure on your eyes and will easily tire them. The use of glasses will not weaken your vision.

  Myth 4: Do not look at your computer screen all day, it's dangerous.

 Eyesight|| time to expose the fallesness of these 5 myths related to eyesight[/caption]
  Truth: Watching the screen for a long time can tire eyes, but it will not hurt them. Make sure the place where you work is well lit. Take a break of 10 minutes after 2-3 hours. This will give some rest to your eyes.
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Myth 5: If you cross your eyes, they will stay like this.
Truth: No, it's completely wrong. Our eye muscles allow us to move them in all directions. Bringing both eyes to the center will not force them to stay in this position
8 home remedies for improving eyesight :--
The weak eyesight and eyed glasses will often trouble you. It is better to dodge the doctor repeatedly and sit at home, take these measures, which will increase the eyesight of your eyes and also allow them to get spectacles from regular routines.
Almond  ,fennel,sugar,milk ::-
Take almonds, fennel and sugar candy in equal quantity and grind it. Take 10 grams of this mixture with 250 ml of milk before sleeping in the night.
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By using it continuously for 40 days, you will feel that the eyesight has increased. Remember, do not drink water for two hours after taking it.
Use of amla for eyesight ::-
 8 home remedies for improving eyesight :--
It is very beneficial for eyes because of the high amount of vitamin C in Amla. Amla can be consumed like powders, capsules, jams or juices.
Eating a spoonful of amla powder with water, drinking fresh amla juice every morning or with water before getting asleep in the night is also beneficial.
Use of triphala ::-
Leave a spoonful triphala powder in water and leave it for the night. Wash the eyes after filtering this water the next morning.
Also, if you keep fresh water in the mouth while washing your eyes, then you will also get more benefits. In the same month you will feel the difference.
Use of carrots in food ::-

 8 home remedies for improving eyesight :--
Carrots contain enough amount of phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron, which make it effective for the eyes. You can sharpen your eyesight by eating raw carrots as a salad or by drinking juice.

Use of blueberry ::-
Blueberry is a kind of plum that increases the flow of blood in the body. By eating fresh blueberry, the problem of low-sight disease and weak light goes away at night.

Balanced food ::-

Remember that all the nutrients present in your food will be present. Balanced diet is not only needed for the eyes but also for the whole body. Carrot juice, eggs, milkmilk, green vegetables, fruits, nuts, cabbage and lemon can be part of it.
Morning walk good for improving eyesight ::-

Walking barefoot in green morning on the green grass gives a lot of benefit to the eyes. Make it a part of your routine.
Rubbing palms

Rubbing your palms together in the morning when you get up. When the palms become hot, keep them on your eyes and keep it warm. If you do this 4-5 times then the eyes will be very beneficial.

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