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Sunday, 21 July 2019

Use these tips to control diabetes

Use these tips to control diabetes

Control diabetes with neem
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Increasing or decreasing diabetes is harmful for health. Many body parts can be damaged when diabetes is out of control. Therefore, the level of diabetes in the body is very important.

 Control the niger's sugar syrup

 Neem leaves are very useful in controlling diabetes. Neem leaves help in controlling diabetes by increasing the amount of insulin in the body. In a glass of water boil 8 pieces of boiling water in the morning. Then take this water. Doing so keeps sugar control in control.
 Controlling Ameli Sugar
 Secretion of vitamins-C properties improves the processing of pancreatitis, which keeps diabetes under control. So drink and drink 2 tablespoons of Indian juice in 1 cup of water daily.
 Use of Fenugreek grains
 There is a hypoglymic property in fenugreek, which helps in reducing blood sugar levels by controlling the amount of glucose in the body. Take 1 cup of fenugreek grams all day and eat the water with an empty stomach in the morning.

 Linseed seeds
 Linseed seeds have a huge amount of fiber, which help to regulate the body's sugar and fat. Drink 1 teaspoon of almond seeds every morning and then drink 1 glass of water.
 Okra benefits
 Phytosterolas, found in Bhindi, also provides relief to diabetes patients by controlling blood sugar. Cut the okra and keep it all overnight. Drinking this water in the morning will keep your diabetes under control.

 Do consume of hard leaves
 Stiff leaves contain anti-biotic properties, in which the sugar level remains under control. To control diabetes, you should chew approximately 9 leaves daily. Along with diabetes, it also helps in reducing weight and keeping the heart healthy.
 Guava also has control of diabetes
 Vitamin C and fiber in amaranth are rich in quantity. So daily 1 guacamole intake controls the sugar levels in the body.

 Control jamunki diabetes
 Control the sugar level :-- daily empty stomach 5-6 Jamuna should be consumed.

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