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Monday, 5 August 2019

Benefits of black papper|| is it good for you and your health ,know more

Benefits of black papper|| is it good for you and your health 

Pepper, popularly known as 'King of Spicy', is one of the main spices used in food but it is also rich in many Ayurvedic qualities. 
Is black papper is good for health
Black papper is good for health
 Black pepper not only enhances the taste of our food but is also beneficial in treating many ailments.  Explain that using black pepper with warm water in the morning keeps the body healthy.  Let's know about the benefits associated with black pepper.

 Quality for cold-coughing -

 In winter, 10 to 10 basil leaves with black pepper in it, while drinking tea, it provides relief.  When hanging, grind 100 grams of cow pepper and add 20 grams black pepper powder to it.  After cooling down, make small balls of it. 

 Eat two tablets after meals.  This will provide relief from Jassi.  Apart from this, eating 2 tablespoons yogurt, 1 teaspoon sugar, 6 grams black pepper to relieve dry cough will provide relief.  A teaspoon of honey mixed with 2-3 teaspoons of chilli in a teaspoon of honey to relieve the cold caused by cold causes relief from eating.

 Reduce fat -
 Black pepper and hot water reduce the body's increased fat.  It also helps us lose weight by burning the body's increased calories.

 Beneficial for the throat-
 Soak the black pepper and blend it with the mushrooms, then the closed throat opens and the tone becomes harmonious.  Boil 8-10 black peppers in water and rinse with water, the throat infection will be eliminated.

 Qualitative for stain removal -
 Grind the black pepper in a fine powder and remove the scalp, phlegm and other diseases.

 Useful for relieving hemorrhoids.
 Make a mixture by grinding 20 grams black pepper, 10 grams cumin and 15 grams sugar or sugar.  Applying it with water in the morning and in the morning helps relieve piles.

 Attractive for the eyes-

 Combine desi ghee, black pepper and sugar in the roasted dough.  Using a mixture of 5 tablespoons in the morning and evening helps the eyes.

 Useful for business -
 Mixing black pepper with salt to enhance the glow and firmness of the teeth.

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