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Monday, 26 August 2019

Home remedies for kills or dark spots

One of the problems with spotting beauty is the 'kill'.  The face with the keel looks a bit dull and the viewer doesn't look right.

 How about a nail on the face?

 Kill is caused by dirt or oil in the pores of the face.  However, this problem is more common in people with smooth skin, but today, due to poor diet or environment, one can get into this problem.

 The keels are mostly on the nose, forehead and chin and are seen with black left and hand shaking.  Many girls try to pull it off with their hands, which can cause scars on the face.

 The reasons for the kill are as under: -

 1. Contaminated Environment: - Dirt born on the pores of the facial skin is called a keel.  Girls' skin more than boys
 Soft, causing these dirt to quickly affect the face of smooth skinned girls.  That's why they have to face the kill.

 2. Hand contamination: - Our hands are the most dirty in our body because we do most of these things with our hands.  Sometimes it has dust on it, sometimes oil and sometimes after we eat it with the same hands and rub them on the face, all the bacteria are put on the face, causing it to kill.

 3. Summer Season: - Heats are also produced due to excess heat.  Sometimes the face does not tolerate heat and heat
 Which causes the nail to grow.  This is all due to the environment.

 It is normal to have a nail on the face in early adolescence, but if they are not resolved in a timely manner, they will leave all stains on the face permanently. 

Different types of products in the market face loss of face.  For this natural solution we have come up with: -

 Natural Ayurvedic Diet for Packs and Eating Facial Packs and Eats like Neem, Saffron, Majithia Lourdah and Chandan, which is on the face of the face with cleansing blood.  And control it.

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